Sell ​​online
Use the functionalities of our "Store" offer to improve your turnover and your notoriety.
Uploading your products
With Golookal "Store" the name of your store, the text recorded in the "About us" section and your products benefit from an online presence and are automatically referenced on the search engines like Golookal, Google, Bing.
Customizable promotions and sales
Publish your promotions, sales, special offers and share them with one click on social networks. With the Premium and Luxe packages Golookal supports you in the creation and publication of online content and even carries out "PUBS" for you every month.
Click & Collect, delivery and shipping
Golookal "Store" allows you to easily activate e-commerce, Click & Collect, take-out, delivery and shipping functions at any time. These features can be configured at any time and at no additional cost *

* Delivery and shipping costs are not included in the subscription and are the responsibility of the seller

Let yourself be guided !
Create your free site in minutes. Upload a cover photo, add the address, activity (restaurant, butcher, baker, etc.), a description of your know-how with the keywords you want to highlight and Golookal will list your site for free on the search engine Golookal and on the main search engines in 7 languages. Activate your online store by subscribing to one of our subscriptions. Put your products online in a few clicks with or without a photo. You can put up to 1000 products in it. If you already have a site, you also have the option of adding a link to your site, this will increase your SEO! The value of this link in SEO is estimated at 150 € / year. “Need help”, go to our CHAT (bubble) at the bottom right and enter “pro video”.
Discover the opinions of traders
Please find examples of customers we work with. Golookal help merchants, its ADN is to increase your visibility, notoriety and turnover!
Charles Brahimi, Ephémère Coulommiers Bookstore
"Thanks to Golookal, I more than doubled the number of visitors. In 2018 I had 9,980 visitors, in 2019 I had more than 26,600! This allowed me to end 2019 much better than I initially thought. A big thank-you !”
Mrs Pinto, Alexane Chaussures Coulommiers
"After subscribing to Golookal application, new customers visited our store the following week and bought shoes. I was really surprised by the impact of the Golookal app.”
Auriane, La creoise Coulommiers
"Since I joined Golookal, my turnover increased by 20%. It's just amazing!"
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