Les Biscuits de Claire et Julie

Tea room
Who are we ?

We are Claire and Julie and we make cookies (but you guessed it, right?)!
Yes, but not just any cookies!
Ours are artisanal, completely handmade in our workshop-boutique on rue Didot, in Paris. With us you will find all kinds of cookies: round, flat, plump, meringue, soft, crunchy ... and between us, they are all to die for;)
There is something for everyone: chocolate, almonds, hazelnuts, coconut, ginger, pistachio ...
We make some gluten-free .
Among our delicious cookies, we bought the Cookies from Monttessuy , which you may already know. We also make travel cakes such as gourmet carrot cakes, flavored gingerbread , pound cake for breakfast, sublime chocolate cakes, succulent banana breads , tangy lemon cakes, browkies , creamy cheesecakes ... pfiou, that's why come see us!
See you soon on this page and in our artisanal biscuit factory!
Claire and Julie

Les Biscuits de Claire et Julie
jeudi 01 mars 2018 à 10:24
It is not because it is -8000, that Paris is freezing and everyone is skiing, that you have to let yourself be defeated! With us it is hot, and the sweet comes out of the oven.