La ferme jehan de brie

Creamery, cheese factory
Who are we ?
At Ferme Jehan de Brie, Nathalie welcomes you with a smile to serve you cheeses with character, variety and unparalleled quality. As soon as you push open the door, a scent of freshness teases your nostrils making you want to want to discover and taste everything! Good tasting.
La ferme jehan de brie
lundi 09 déc. 2019 à 10:54
La Ferme Jehan de Brie offers an exceptional variety of fresh dairy products directly from producers. Here you will find cheese, butter, yogurt, milk, cheese baskets and more. Saying hello to Nathalie to discover the variety of cheese, it's just incredible. Passing through the door of the Jean de Brie Farm you are transported to another mode with multiple scents. Experience to discover.
La ferme jehan de brie
lundi 09 déc. 2019 à 10:37
Big LOOKAL BOX Christmas 2018 contest! La Ferme Jehan de Brie sells: 1) "Lentils from Ferme de FÉROLLES" Farmer for the Love of the Earth, 2) "Coulommiers Fermier" from Ferme des 30 ARPENTS 3) and "Bière de Brie" from Brasserie RABOURDIN . Congratulations, you have just discovered 3 clues for the 2018 Christmas LOOKAL BOX Big Game Contest! All you have to do is find out where the "BRIARD Country Apple Juice" sold by the farmer Mr. Michel BIBERON, Ferme de la BONNERIE is sold. Play now and win MAGNIFICENT gifts, a romantic meal including: starter, main course, dessert all accompanied by a glass of champagne, the latest Red dead Redemption II video game and many other incredible gifts.
La ferme jehan de brie
lundi 17 déc. 2018 à 10:11
By clicking on the "Description" tab above, you will discover three clues to play the great LOOKAL BOX COMPETITION GAME for a value of over 1000 €. A BIG Thank you to the traders of Coulommiers for their generosity!