Minerals, fossils
Who are we ?

It is the Way of the Heart that pushes us and guides us in a joyful impulse, to lead together personal development workshops that mix psychoanalysis, shamanism and energy work. This approach is the result of all research and exploration, training, experiences, travels, undertaken and experienced by each of us but also by our couple. What we transmit and share today as a group is the quintessence of our way of life to each one and together. We call it the Way of the Heart because it is this which has naturally imposed itself and revealed itself to us over the course of our experiences and the trials of life.

In this perspective HATAWEE proposes to live Through these workshops a sacred, warm and containing space that promotes interiorization, the encounter with our essence and which stimulates all our potential resources for healing and creativity, which have often been left fallow.

dimanche 25 nov. 2018 à 23:08
HATAWEE is present at the ephemeral bookshop in Coulommiers every day until January 6 inclusive. Looking for a Christmas gift idea for one of your loved ones or children, do not hesitate to stop by the Éphémère Bookstore and ask for Eve or Jean-Francois who will be happy to answer all your questions. For more information see the description tab and view the photos under media.