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Who are we ?
The Aurore et Jeremy Bakery located in COULOMMIERS (77 120), 3 rue pêcherie offers breads, pastries and pastries of remarkable freshness and quality. Jeremy, the pastry chef imaginatively revisits the classic desserts of French cuisine using quality local ingredients. Aurore, attentive to the slightest remarks from her customers, always welcomes you with a smile behind her counter. The know-how The trademark of Jeremy and Aurore is to revisit "the excellent pastries of our grandmothers by making them less sweet, by bringing out the flavors of the fruits while bringing a touch of lightness. . They offer you a light and fresh dessert to finish a meal smoothly, a melting pastry for a snack, or why not a coffee eclair after the midday meal. Every morning Aurore and Jeremy prepare the oven to bake the breads. traditional and organic based on local flour originating from Moulins Bourgeois. Thanks to these first quality ingredients, such as organic malted wheat flour, durum wheat semolina flour and the local know-how Aurore et Jeremy prepares you with the greater care for breads and pastries of exceptional quality to discover new flavors, or rather the flavor of fruits prepared with love. Ideal for a snack, a lunch, or to indulge yourself with a pastry erie of the season or simply to taste the formula of the day, why not go through the door of the Pâtisserie d'Aurore et Jeremy? Good tasting !
Boulangerie aurore & jeremy
lundi 14 oct. 2019 à 22:28
A customer of the Aurore et Jeremy de Coulommiers Bakery presents the Mais Chorizo ​​to you.
Boulangerie aurore & jeremy
lundi 14 oct. 2019 à 22:19
Customers talk about us. Discover under the media section the video of a client presenting "Le Mais CHORIZO".