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Golookal is a solution that allows you to find products for direct sale from producers, traders and restaurateurs. You will find quality products (organic, red label, PDO, etc.) on a secure platform to allow you to shop with complete peace of mind. Golookal undertakes and reviews all products offered for sale to guarantee the quality of the service.

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lundi 03 mai 2021 à 07:59
What are Golookal's storefront services? On the Golookal platform you can create and upload your Storefront in seconds. Creating your storefront is quick, easy and you can edit photos, text, contact details and much more. Add a description of your know-how under the heading « About Us ». Make sure to include the keywords to be referenced on internet, such as the name of your activity, the name of the city, your specialty, the names of your most popular products and any important information you want to highlight. Golookal will translate this content into 9 languages
lundi 03 mai 2021 à 08:35
The QR Code service on Golookal The QR Code service gives your customers direct access to your online store by scanning the QR Code with their mobile phone camera. If you are a restaurant owner, by printing the QR code, your customers will be able to view your menu on their mobile phone If you’ve a Menu for your restaurant and a Take Away menu, you can print two different QR Codes. It will allow you to have a contactless Menu for your restaurant and a Take Away menu with different prices and VAT.
lundi 03 mai 2021 à 08:37
What is Golookal? Golookal allows you to create your storefront, activate your online store, upload your products and activate click & collect / take-out services; delivery and / or shipping services. With one click you can activate or deactivate one or more services. Regardless of the number of services you use and the monthly turnover generated on the Golookal platform, the amount of the Golookal monthly subscription does not change, without any commitment and commission !
lundi 03 mai 2021 à 08:38
What are the paid services of Golookal? After creating your storefront on Golookal, you can activate your monthly subscription. It is a flat-rate that gives you access to all Golookal services. Whether you use one, three or all of the Golookal services, your subscription remains the same. Whether you put 50 or 500 products on line and whether your online turnover is 600€ or 15000€ the flat-rate remains the same, and Golookal doesn’t take any commission ! Online Golookal services are: 1) Online store, 2) Click & Collect / Take-out, 3) Delivery, 4) Shipping and 5) QR Codes. By connecting to your dashboard, you can set the various services you want to use. It is simple & quick. If you need help you will find videos to assist you on each step.
lundi 03 mai 2021 à 08:40
With Golookal you are always ready. All you have to do is go to your dashboard and activate the desired service (s) with one click. With Golookal you are ready in all circumstances in seconds. With Golookal, you know in advance the amount of your monthly subscription since it doesn’t change. The amount of your subscription remains the same regardless of the number of transactions you make, the number of services you activate, the volume of turnover and the number of products online. Golookal does not take any commission with the exception of the fees charged by the bank during the processing of the credit card which is 2.2%.